Vitreous enamel or porcelain enamel products are popular known in Mexico as Peltre Products.

Peltre objects have been popular among Mexicans through the last decades because of the material itself. It is smooth, durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and cannot burn. Enamel is glass, not paint.

You can buy Peltre products in departmental stores as well as in popular markets. You can use them to cook in a typical Mexican residence, eat from them in the street markets or in many fancy restaurants located in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Mexico City.


The texture of the enamel products in Mexico is really important. It serves to recognize them as Peltre. Diario decided to play with this texture and to rediscover these everyday objects.

The texture in the Diario's version  looks like if it is falling from the top black line of the edge.

The coffee cups are the most popular item of this material, Diario decided to chose it as starting point, followed by a mini version of it, used to drink tequila or espresso coffee. 


We love this material and also the idea of playing with the texture of the Mexican Peltre. For our next object we decide to make it more colorful. 

A set of tumblers with colorful texture complement our Peltre family.